Translations by Toivo Tomson


Working as a translator offers a unique opportunity to have a closer insight into different cultures and countries. The more languages one knows, the deeper and wider the outlook can be and the more different areas of human activities one can become closer familiar with. The richer and the wider one’s cultural background is, the richer one’s life is.

Education: intensive classes of English in the secondary school, besides studies of Finnish, French, and Russian, were followed by two years of studies in an institution of higher education in St Petersburg (Russian Federation). A year later I started attending lectures at the University of Tartu (Republic of Estonia). Graduation from the mentioned university in 1988 was followed by postgraduate studies at the same university.

N. Machiavelli, "Il Principe"Experience: my first translation, worth of mentioning here, was a part of my graduation thesis of 1988 – a commented translation of Niccolò Machiavelli's treatise "Il Principe" ("The Prince", or, "The Ruler") from Italian into Estonian. Less literal version of the commented translation was published in a journal of Estonian academic culture, "Akadeemia", in 1993. A dual-language (comments in Estonian) electronic version of the treatise is available from 2000; in 2001 the work was published in a book.

N. Machiavelli, "Il Principe"The above-mentioned translation has been followed in the meantime by numerous translations from different languages into different languages. The translations have covered very various areas of life, starting from EU directives, regulations, Estonian legislation (Estonian-English, English-Estonian), plastics used in automobile construction industry, ending with texts dealing with economics, electronics, recipes of Indian cuisine, products of paramedic skincare, UI for Uber, etc, etc, etc.

Customers from Tallinn and Barcelona, Luxembourg, Riga and Milan, Prague and Kiel, Florence and Zurich, Rome and New York, etc., representing European Commission, Translation Centre For the Bodies of the EU, Estonian Ministry of the Environment, University of Tartu, Samsung, Uber, etc., could be listed amongst the clients, who have been satisfied with the outcome of my work.

Services: basing on many years of experience, acquired through translating thousands of pages of texts, covering different fields of human activities, I would like to offer you hereby the following services:

  • – translations from English, Russian and Italian into Estonian, and
  • – translations from Estonian, Italian, and Russian into English.

The acceptance of originals and delivery of translations by e-mail, on a floppy or CD, or in printout.

Sincerely Yours,
Toivo Tomson

Saturday, June 15, 2024