Translations by Toivo Tomson


Some references to translations and other work accomplished by now are given below (quite natural that the present website has been produced by me too).

Homepage updating (PHP, XHTML, CSS, graphics).Private Tours in Belarus

Madis Aasa RATTURHomepage for bicycle shop, pro bono (Copywriting, PHP, statistics, XHTML, CSS, graphics – 2010).

Sights of the Parish of Tõstamaa; OCR, translation (Estonian-English), graphics, design, layout (2006).


  • – Domestic offences in Estonia, translation (Estonian-English),
  • – Franchise contract, translation (Italian-Estonian),
  • Grace, Care and Justice, A handbook for HIV and AIDS work, translation (English-Estonian),
  • – Analysis of Capital Investment, translation (English-Estonian),
  • – Access to Telecommunication Networks, Price Regulation, translation (English-Estonian),
  • – Ecological and Landscape Rehabilitation of a Quarry Site in Hong Kong, translation (English-Estonian),
  • – Legal Protection of Intellectual Property, translation (English-Estonian),
  • – Gemini, Vertical laminar flow cabinet, User's Manual, translation (English-Estonian),
  • – Public prosecutor's surveillance, translation (Russian-Estonian),
  • – Tender documents, translation (Estonian-English),
  • – Cooperation between parents and teachers in a kindergarten, translation (Russian-English/Estonian),
  • – Enforcement Procedure, translation (English-Estonian).

 Fireplaces, User manuals; OCR, translation (Italian-Estonian), graphics, layout (2007).

Construction Machinery - Plants - Projects, Bending and Combined Machines, Operation and Maintenance Handbook, OCR, translation (English-Estonian), layout, graphics (2006).

Instructions for using steel plugs; OCR, translation (Italian-Estonian), graphics, DTP (2005).

Company's Internet site; translation (English-Estonian), graphics, HTML, PHP, JS (2005).

Aqua Gel, OCR, translation (English/Italian-Estonian; 2006).

Summaries of graduation papers (pedagogics, physics, etc); translations (Estonian-English).

N. MachiavelliN. MachiavelliCommented translation (Italian-Estonian) of Niccolò Mchiavelli's "Il Principe", with a preface in Estonian.